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    Online Payment Option

    Pay with PayPal

    The below option to pay using PayPal IS ONLY for those who have already made an enquiry, received an invoice, and have asked for an online payment option, or, for a way to pay using a credit card.

    DO NOT make payment, unless you have been issued an invoice in advance.

    To pay, please the below prompts of – i) enter your name ii) enter the amount to be paid (as shown by your invoice) iii) enter the invoice number (as shown on your invoice). This will then allow us to identify your payment.
    Once completed, select ‘Pay Pal’ (to pay via your own personal Paypal Account), or select ‘Debit or Credit Card’ (to initiate a direct payment from your credit or debit card of choice).

    If you are unsure how to proceed – please call us directly on +66 (0) 950 15 16 80