Phuket / Koh Ha / Koh Rok / Koh Muk / Emerald cave

Both Phang Nga & Krabi are famous for its tall gothic looking limestone cliffs climbing out of the water. A truly breathtaking area, it never gets boring taking in the views and wondering how these beautiful islands were formed. Although the water here is generally less clear and does not offer good snorkeling, there is an added element of adventure on offer. It offers numerous amounts of caves (above and below the water), this is the explorers paradise.

Some of the caves you can walk through for a solid hour and still not reach the end of it. Others are perfect for taking the kayak and paddling through caves and archways to reach the enclosed bays on the other side.

Phang Nga is relatively barren of any infrastructure, perfect for your sailing anchorage. Krabi is more of the chilled out backpackers paradise, offering some amazing beaches and hidden coves.


Koh Ngai , Koh Muk , Koh Kradan (plus many others)

Koh Lanta is a relatively chilled out destination for the more selective tourist. The west coast has numerous beaches offering ample options of restaurant, bars and beach massages .

A little further south are Koh Ngai, Koh Muk & Koh Kradan. These 3 islands have minimal infrastructure on them, but all offer something different, from good snorkeling spots, perfect bays to watch the sun set, or beach bars to grab a cocktail from.

The main attraction here has to the Tham Morokot (the Emerald Cave). This is an 80m swim through a pitch black cave entrance, which then opens up into a ‘Hong’ (meaning ‘room) in the center of the Island. This ‘Hong’ is completely enclosed on all sides by the tall limestone cliffs covered in foliage. This is a must see, an unforgettable experience.


Koh Petra / Koh Tarutau / Koh Tanga & Koh Chuku

Located on the border to Malaysia, this group of Islands are largely void of tourism due to the remote location.

Tarutao (the largest of the 51 Island archipelageo) is a densely forested, former penal colony. In 1938, the government chose Tarutao to incarcerate 500 political prisoners as it was fairly remote and infested with crocodiles. (later shut down with the help of the British army in 1946). Tarutao offers lots of walking trails leading to waterfalls, caves, lookouts and isolated beaches

Koh Tanga & Koh Chuku are halfway between Koh Tarutao & The Butanes. These islands offer some fantastic snorkeling.
Koh Chuku is a favourite stop off. At certain points in the day, this stunning island with its pristine white sandy beaches can be walked around in 20 minutes. The colour of the water s breathtaking.


Koh Sawang / Koh Rawi / Koh Lipe

The southern most Island group in Thailand before crossing the border into Malaysia.

This Island group consists of Koh Rawi , Koh Adang , Koh Butang & Koh Lipe (among others)

The Butang Group, part of Tarutao Marine National Park, provides the clearest waters and most beautiful coral gardens in the area.

These gigantic islands are blanketed by rain forest and fringed with white sand beaches.