Phuket / Koh Ha / Koh Rok / Koh Muk / Emerald cave

Both Phang Nga & Krabi are famous for its tall gothic looking limestone cliffs climbing out of the water. A truly breathtaking area, it never gets boring taking in the views and wondering how these beautiful islands were formed. Although the water here is generally less clear and does not offer good snorkeling, there is an added element of adventure on offer. It offers numerous amounts of caves (above and below the water), this is the explorers paradise.

Some of the caves you can walk through for a solid hour and still not reach the end of it. Others are perfect for taking the kayak and paddling through caves and archways to reach the enclosed bays on the other side.

Phang Nga is relatively barren of any infrastructure, perfect for your sailing anchorage. Krabi is more of the chilled out backpackers paradise, offering some amazing beaches and hidden coves.

An underrated anchorage by many, but a favourite of ours. This otherwise unassuming island is such a peaceful overnight stop. completely void of light and noise pollution, relax on deck and watch the stars, listen to the birds singing and be mesmerised by the sheer greenery of this oasis.
For those who like a little adventure, there is also a spectacular cave here to explore with fascinating stalagmites and stalactites, and massive green stones from the copper content within them.
This destination will definitely make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world!

The epitome of why Phang Nga Bay is so famous. ‘Koh’ meaning ‘Island’, and ‘Hong’ meaning ‘room’, this island has an enclosed lagoon within it. Explore this idealic island from a kayak or paddleboard and pass through the many caves.

We approach this island at the start or the end of the day to ensure you have the place to yourselves, so that you can experience the true beauty and peace on offer here. Due to it’s beauty, this island is very busy during the day when the day tourists come to visit.

Ao Nang is the perfect blend of clear waters, beautiful beaches and stunning scenery.
Surrounded by the tall limestone cliffs, this is a fantastic spot to explore with the kayaks & paddleboards.

The main beach here (Reiley Beach) has a very relaxed atmosphere with a few amenities onland such as bars / restaurants / beach massage etc.

We highly recommend stoping here for 2 nights, thus allowing enough time to explore all the beaches, caves and swim throughs!


Koh Ngai , Koh Muk , Koh Kradan (plus many others)

Koh Lanta is a relatively chilled out destination for the more selective tourist. The west coast has numerous beaches offering ample options of restaurant, bars and beach massages .

A little further south are Koh Ngai, Koh Muk & Koh Kradan. These 3 islands have minimal infrastructure on them, but all offer something different, from good snorkeling spots, perfect bays to watch the sun set, or beach bars to grab a cocktail from.

The main attraction here has to the Tham Morokot (the Emerald Cave). This is an 80m swim through a pitch black cave entrance, which then opens up into a ‘Hong’ (meaning ‘room) in the center of the Island. This ‘Hong’ is completely enclosed on all sides by the tall limestone cliffs covered in foliage. This is a must see, an unforgettable experience.

Scuba Diving and Sailing - Yacht Charters Phuket - Dive and SailKoh Haa (translation – 5 Islands) is a must see. These ‘islands’ are nothing more than rocks sticking out of the water in the middle of nowhere.
These Islands offer some of the best snorkeling and diving around. Due to it’s natural beauty and the abundance of marine life, we try and pass through these islands whenever we can.
Koh Haa is also a very popular site for the swiftlets that make the world famous birds nest soup, and as such is protected by the local marine rangers.

A favourite destination of ours, Koh Rok is made up of 2 beautifully lush green islands with pristine white sandy beaches. A popular day trip destination for the few speed boats that can reach this far, meaning, morning and afternoons, this destination is left only to the visiting yachts. Peace, tranquility, picturesque views are just some of the ways you could describe this gem!
Koh Rok also has BBQ facilities on one of the islands, and stunning (and slightly steep) trekking route taking you to the top which offeres some truly breathtaking views.
This island IS A MUST!

Koh Muk, belonging to the Trang National Park is a beautifully tranquil island. With very little development on this island, there is a real relaxed feeling here. The perfect spot to watch the sun sets from.
The main attraction here is the famous Emerald Cave. Here, we drop our guests off (with guide of course!) at the entrance, where we then do a 80m swim through a cave (torches are provided) which then opens up onto a secret beach hidden INSIDE the island. This beach is completely surrounded by tall limestone cliffs. The only way in and out is throught the 80m tunnel. A fantastic experience, and one we guarantee you will enjoy.
This activity is perfectly safe and easy for guests of all ages and fitness levels.


Koh Petra / Koh Tarutau / Koh Tanga & Koh Chuku

Located on the border to Malaysia, this group of Islands are largely void of tourism due to the remote location.

Tarutao (the largest of the 51 Island archipelageo) is a densely forested, former penal colony. In 1938, the government chose Tarutao to incarcerate 500 political prisoners as it was fairly remote and infested with crocodiles. (later shut down with the help of the British army in 1946). Tarutao offers lots of walking trails leading to waterfalls, caves, lookouts and isolated beaches

Koh Tanga & Koh Chuku are halfway between Koh Tarutao & The Butanes. These islands offer some fantastic snorkeling.
Koh Chuku is a favourite stop off. At certain points in the day, this stunning island with its pristine white sandy beaches can be walked around in 20 minutes. The colour of the water s breathtaking.

Koh Petra is an impressively tall Island that from a side view is spectacularly large, yet move a few hundred meters to the southern point and all you see is a flake of the Island. Long, tall, but definitely not wide, this island is honeycombed with caves and overhangs.
This is a stunning overnight anchorage on our way down to Koh Tarutao and/or The Butangs.
And depending on the season, this island is invaded by Swiflets nesting. A fantastic sight!

Koh Tarutao - Crocodile Cave - Inside looking OutKoh Tarutao (only 4km from the Malaysian border) is named from a Malay word meaning “old, mysterious and primitive”.
This densely forested Island is surrounded by long stretches of golden beaches is the ideal spot for some trekking. With many paths to follow and sightseeing opportunities involving waterfalls, limestone caves, Sea Turtle nursing ponds and an abandoned penal colony, it could be easy to spend several days exploring this wonderful island.

By far, the most popular activity on this island is the long tail ride up the mangrove river towards “crocodile cave”. After this 15 minute ride, we follow the path to the cave entrance, board a floating pontoon and pull ourselves into the cave for 100m before stepping off and exploring the additional 200+ meters by foot.
The stalagmites & stalactites here are impressive to say the least!

On the way to the Butang group, this island group will blow your mind away. If you’re looking for that perfect deserted island with white sandy beach…..look no further. Koh Chuku, which is completely uninhabited is small enough to walk around in 20-30 mins.
If the weather allows, this is a fantastic overnight stop. With no artificial light disturbing the island, look up and see sky full of stars, then look down and see the water reflect the skies.
Koh Chuku is the place to sit back and admire!


Koh Sawang / Koh Rawi / Koh Lipe

The southern most Island group in Thailand before crossing the border into Malaysia.

This Island group consists of Koh Rawi , Koh Adang , Koh Butang & Koh Lipe (among others)

The Butang Group, part of Tarutao Marine National Park, provides the clearest waters and most beautiful coral gardens in the area.

These gigantic islands are blanketed by rain forest and fringed with white sand beaches.

Probably the most untouched and unspoiled island along any of our routes, these island yet again deliver on some brilliant snorkeling spots. With the multiple islets that make up Koh Sawang group, we definitely recommend getting out on the kayaks and paddleboards, weave you way in and out of all the islets and rocks and take in the spectacular views.
On the North-east part of Koh Butang, there is Monkey beach, a lovely spot to watch the local wildlife. How close you get, is purely up to you! But watch out, they like to make friends!
Another favourite anchorage of ours due to the absolute lack of artificial light, we find the best levels of phosphorescence here (bacteria in the water that light up at night when disturbed).

Koh Rawi, the largest of the largest of the Butang group offeres so much. From long untouched golden beaches, a waterfall trek through the island, fantastic coral gardens and plenty of fish, we sometimes wonder why we have to leave.
The waterfall trek is a 40 minute walk each way, although more of a stream than a waterfall, the walk through the jungle is a brilliant break from the boat and open oceans. A brilliant way to see another side of these islands.

Koh Lipe is the smallest of the Islands making up the Butang Group. As the only inhabited island within the island group, it’s the perfect spot to resupply and take advantage of the beach bars, restaurants and beach massages.
Due to its remoteness, Lipe is a relatively relaxed island surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches. The few tourists that make it this far south use Lipe as a base to visit the surrounding islands and reefs by the local long-tail boats. As a result, seeing this area from your own private yacht provides an experience most are not lucky enough to experience. Once the day trippers return, the waters are left peaceful and quiet. A real treat!